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Why is having an Ecommerce Website Important?

Why is having an Ecommerce Website Important?

The increasing fame of ecommerce is no surprise. The genre has always been important for businesses to grow and reach customers that could not visit their stores. The advent of 2020 further multiplied the growth of ecommerce to reach the potential customers. Global ecommerce sales rose up to $4.2 trillion from $572 billion in the last decade. Read again, the figure is remarkably high for a 10 years’ growth.

Online shopping was trending fast throughout the last decade. However, the trend of online shopping saw the sharpest rise after the emergence of COVID-19. The horrifying pandemic made things complicated for brands to reach their customers. Began the era of online shopping and ecommerce marketing!

The trend is estimated to continue to grow in the upcoming years. The experts at Ozeefy predict the era to continue to shift online. The team here closely studies the aspects that clients seek to gain from working with us and the best ways to reach the right audience.

Understanding Ecommerce

E-commerce is a method to let people reach your store online to buy physical goods. An e-commerce website allows people to reach your products without physically visiting your store. This implies that even people living in far-off lands can reach your store.

Through proper digital marketing, we reach potential customers so that they can order their required products or services. To fulfill the orders, we also provide services to process orders, and payments, provide customer support and manage the shipment.

The simplest meaning of e-commerce is selling and buying products or services online through the internet. It also involves electronically transferring payments and investments to fulfill orders.

The Perks of Ecommerce Businesses

Being available 24/7 to your customers will increase sales. This is one of the many amazing perks of getting an online store.

Your online store is like a presence that consumers visit to be assured that you are trustworthy. Your visitors, if they like your online presence, will spread the word. Therefore, your e-commerce website needs to be designed professionally to make a lasting impression, and Ozeefy is here to make it just perfect!

Market Expansion Beyond Planning

The emergence of a vast horizon of opportunities for expanding your business online is no secret. As we create your online presence using the amazing Shopify tools to grab online attention, your brand manages to reach new customers residing in faraway regions.

Your physical store is not capable of creating such an extensive level of awareness and conversion. Therefore, your ecommerce website will work wonders to expand your market and achieve a high fraction of return on investments, beyond your planning.

Our latest retail client Skids by Kross Kulture that joined us and moved online has experienced a mind blowing growth of 10x in the last month.

More Return on Investment (ROI)

The new era has made online presence an inevitable trait for any business to grow. People tend to search your online presence before sparing time to make a purchase or visit your store. Additionally, with the increasing inflation in the country, a physical store can be costly to maintain.

If you are planning to start a startup, it is smarter to begin with an ecommerce store than opening a physical store. The cost of promoting an online store is undoubtedly high, but as compared to a physical presence, an online store is less costly to maintain and manage.

For those already having a retail presence, go online and see the magic it does to your business growth. Take Paradox London, the client that joined us in 2021 saw a growth of 288% in ROI within a year. Their secret? Ozeefy’s family created an eye-grasping ecommerce website and ran a series of digital marketing campaigns to drive customers to their online store.

Quality Relationship with customers

In an online store, you can create channels to interact with your customers. When one orders online, it is a common expectation to receive a high-quality product. If not, then the new-age customers expect to complain and state their criticism.

Here at Ozeefy, we do not just receive and deliver orders, we also make sure that the customer has no complaints. We provide our clients with a customer support unit available 24/7 to address any complaints. In case of any complaints, we are open to addressing all the grievances of customers and fixing the problem as soon as possible.

This protocol increases trust among customers and they tend to spread the word either positively or negatively; as per their experience. Usually, the reviews are positive for our clients as we are well aware of the best ideas to keep your customers satisfied and happy.

Learn to Satisfy Expectations

Direct interaction with customers allows you to understand the major complaints that they might be facing. The customer support team keeps abreast of the major complaints and jots them down to avoid the same from repeating. This way, the team learns ways and tricks to interact with and satisfy consumers without repeating the issue.

The Bottom Line

The new era is converting to online channels, and the practice is continuing to grow at a fast pace. Even the brands that were initially reluctant to move online have realized that it has become an inevitable deal to grow. An online presence can multiply your sales and ROI without any major increase in your investments. So, build your e-commerce store and witness the mighty success it brings.