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We specialize in sunblocks, serums, and haircare products, all crafted with utmost care and expertise. Our mission is clear: to bring you effective and top-notch solutions for your beauty needs. With a team of experts and cutting-edge research, we ensure products of the highest quality. Count on Jenpharm for radiant skin and luscious locks – your beauty, our priority. Join us on this journey to embrace your best self with confidence and grace. Experience the magic of Jenpharm and witness the transformation in your skincare and haircare routine.

The Challenge

Before our partnership, Jenpharm encountered common skincare brand challenges that hindered their growth and online presence. Their website suffered from bugs and an outdated theme, causing a less-than-optimal user experience. The slow web-speed further discouraged potential customers from engaging with their products and services. Moreover, Jenpharm faced a lack of brand awareness, resulting in limited reach and recognition among consumers. Their compromised SEO efforts led to low web traffic and difficulties in reaching their target audience effectively. The ranked keywords also fell below the desired average, impacting their visibility in search engine results.

Our Solution

SEO Triumph: Enhancing Organic Traffic and Online Visibility, Conversion spikes

Our expert tech team revamped the website, eliminating bugs, and refreshing the theme, creating a modern and user-friendly platform. By optimizing web-speed, we improved the overall browsing experience, making it faster and smoother for visitors. Through strategic marketing campaigns and outreach efforts, we enhanced Jenpharm's brand awareness, reaching a wider audience and showcasing their exceptional skincare products.

Our dedicated SEO enhancements boosted organic traffic and improved the brand's visibility on search engines.With meticulous keyword research and content strategies, we achieved higher rankings for relevant keywords, elevating Jenpharm's online presence and making them more accessible to potential customers.

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Projects Delivered

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