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We design clothing for those who cherish arts, poetry, nature, and beauty. We believe looking fabulous transcends ethnicity, color, size, or age. Our diverse range of clothing empowers every woman to feel confident and stylish, embracing every moment as an opportunity to make the most of life. We’re dedicated to empowering women to express themselves through fashion and embrace their individuality with grace and peace.

The Challenge

Before joining our firm, Kross Kulture faced several challenges in their marketing and online presence. They encountered issues with social media marketing and had a higher ad spend, resulting in less ROI (Return on Investment) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Their website had multiple bugs, and the outdated theme and e-commerce platform hindered their growth. The web-speed was slow, affecting user experience. Additionally, there was a lack of awareness among people about the brand. Their strategies were outdated, and they were missing out on the effective Facebook funnel strategy. This led to compromised SEO with lower website traffic and below-average rankings for important keywords.

Our Solution

Tech Tune-Up: Bug Fixes and Efficient Design Drive Success

To address these issues and revitalize their online presence, Kross Kulture partnered with our firm in 2022. We optimized Kross Kulture's social media platforms with improved navigation, streamlined structures, user-friendly techniques, and appealing graphics. These enhancements reduced overlapping and led to higher website traffic. Our marketing team creatively utilized Facebook funnel strategies, resulting in an improved ROAS with reduced ad spending.

We then updated the SEO strategies, increasing the frequency of ranked keywords and driving more traffic to the website. Furthermore, the SEO team updated their strategies, increasing the frequency of ranked keywords and driving more traffic to the website. The tech team addressed website bugs, refreshed the theme, and designed the website more efficiently, resulting in a significant boost in organic sales. With our professional approach and effective solutions, Kross Kulture experienced a substantial boost in their online presence and overall success.

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