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For ladies of many ethnicities and origins, Urge creates pull-on clothing with handcrafted embroidery and enigmatic motifs. Their designs are distinctive as they offer affordability and outstanding aesthetically pleasing clothing.

The Challenge

The brand started in 2017 with the aim to rule the market in women's wear and accessories. They created their website on WordPress. They stayed focused on four categories, with further sections in each. Embroidered, stitched, unstitched, 2-piece, 3-piece, shirt piece, and accessories. The variety was vast but online sales were limited. The era of Covid-19 took over the fashion trends and selling techniques of the market and E-commerce magic spread across the globe. The brand joined us in March 2023 to settle its sales and capture the online market. Their ad spending was high, sales were limited, and the ROI was lower than the competitors'. Their approaches in digital marketing were immature as they did not incorporate the funnel strategy of the social media realm. The website needed to be shifted to Shopify - the lead E-Com platform to grab the online market.

Our Solution

Clicks Surge, Awareness Soars: SEO's Impact Witnessed!!

In a swift 2-3 days, we transitioned their website to Shopify, where our developers worked their magic. The design team meticulously crafted unique artwork with refined graphics and vibrant colors, incorporating specific categories for easy customer navigation. The seamless teamwork of designers, content writers, and the Shopify team led to a flawless website. The Marketing team's strategic prowess shone as they introduced a new Ads manager, conducting in-depth market analysis for a competitive edge.

The sales multiplied within weeks and currently, they are making 6x profit on ad spend. The digital marketing team incorporated a funnel strategy in social media advertisement to generate such remarkable results. Our SEO team optimized their website using high-end and high-frequency keywords to rank the website high on Google. The ideal keywords for the web content were carefully sought out by the team. This increased website clicks and contributed to a rise in public awareness. Each team played a specific role to achieve this tale of success.

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